To the public eye, Lamar Odom had it all. Talent. Fame. Fortune. But in his own private world, he was suffering. Childhood trauma and years of anxiety led Lamar down the path of addiction that almost took his life.

During a dark time, psychedelic concierge Zappy Zapolin helped Lamar with a formula to turn his life around:

For the first step in his formula, Lamar received a series of medical ketamine treatments to help free him from anxiety and addiction. After his first ketamine treatment, Lamar said, “I never felt this good in my life.”

In fact, Lamar was so impressed with the results he received from his ketamine sessions, he even brought his father in for treatment. Because his dad had experienced so much trauma in his life, Lamar said he knew he would benefit from ketamine treatment.

Today, Lamar continues to support his mental health with at-home ketamine treatments through a company called KetaMD. Reborn’s Director Zappy Zapolin and Producer Warren Gumpel founded KetaMD to provide affordable and accessible at-home medical ketamine treatments to the millions of Americans who are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts.

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