Lamar Odom received life-saving treatment using the psychedelic plant iboga, but he had to leave the United States to do it. Reborn’s Director, Zappy Zapolin, founded The Mind Army (a 501c3 non-profit organization) to fight for the legalization of powerful medicines like iboga that have been denied to the American people by antiquated laws.

These medicines have been shown in medical studies and indigenous tribes around the world to save lives from the destruction of suicide, addiction, and depression.

Supporting The Mind Army with a monthly or one-off tax-deductible donation fuels our continued fight for the legalization of proven psychedelic medicines, so that we can save as many lives as possible.

To reach the politicians who are in a position to wipe away old laws with one stroke of the pen, we need lobbyists putting daily pressure on these leaders (these lobbyists are expensive, but very effective).

We’re working every day to create this change, but we need your support. If you were inspired by the film, please consider donating to The Mind Army and supporting our mission to legalize psychedelic medicines.

Together, let’s heal the suicide, addiction, and depression epidemics!